About Shawn Wright Art

I first started selling products in 2017 on Critter-Life.com, Marsh-and-Mellow.com, and ShawnWrightArt.com. Each site was self-hosted and maintained. I handled customer support and payments, and I used a high-end print-on-demand supplier to print my products and fulfill orders. I found that running all parts of those stores was a little overwhelming, and I was reminded of a Benjamin Franklin quote; “Drive thy business, or it will drive thee.” I needed help.

I decided to remove my products from my site and add them to third-party sites that would handle everything but the design. The commission I receive is lower, but I can focus on creating new designs while those sites handle sales, production, and fulfillment. I created this landing page so visitors can find links to the products they are looking for.

You may find identical designs in multiple stores. In most cases, it is because there may be different products offered in other stores. Most t-shirts are located at TeePublic, while art prints are located at RedBubble and Society6. I am creating more surface pattern designs, and Spoonflower offers many different types of printed fabric with those designs. There are also wallpaper, shirts, and dresses with those patterns at other stores.


Most all the fine arts paintings are by my father, Leo Wright. Leo graduated from art school at Auburn University and had a long and successful career in advertising. Towards the end of his career, he started painting again and would paint from the photographic images he took in Great Britain, Austria, Egypt, Peru, and other locations. He would be thrilled if you would hang one of his paintings in your home.

I also graduated from Auburn with an art degree and have spent my entire career as a graphic designer. The rest of the images are created by me or found designs from closed businesses. You will find those in the Retro Birmingham category.

Customer Support

The downside of moving my designs to a third-party supplier is that printing is out of my hands. If you have a problem with printing or delivery, you will need to take it up with the supplier you have purchased it from. I don’t have any control over that. You can also view that as a positive. They have customer support employees, and they can take care of your problems in a more timely manner than what I was able to provide when I did it all.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find a shirt, mug, or some other product you can’t live without. If you would like to contact me or suggest a product you would like to see, maybe a different color item, email me at support@shawnwrightart.com.


Shawn Wright